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Sic Bo is a casino dice game that originated in China. The name Sic Bo translates to mean Dice Pair which is a little misleading as the game is played with three dice not two. Depending where you play the game is also known via several other names including Tai Sai, Dai Siu or Big Small.

The game offers a wide range of bets with payout's ranging from 1 to 1 to over 150 to 1 depending on the casino where you play. The most popular bets are the Big and Small bets which pay 1 to 1 and have relatively good odds of winning. The biggest wins are for the specific triples.

The Sic Bo Table

Below is an example of a Sic Bo table layout. To place bets you simply place chips on the marked areas. Once the dice have been rolled the winning areas light up and winning bets are paid.

Sic Bo

Game Data

There are two parts to a sic bo game. The table where bets are placed and the three dice that are shaken to reveal the game out come. In most cased the dice are in a bowl which is covered, shaken and then uncovered to show the outcome. House advantages range from 2.78% to over 30%.

Where To Play

Sic Bo table scan be found at all casinos in Macau as well as most casinos in Asia including those in Australia and New Zealand. The game has also been available at some casinos in the UK since 2002. In the US you will have to look a bit harder to find Sic Bo tables but they are around.

Apart from playing at land-based casinos you will now find that most online casinos feature at least one Sic Bo table (More Information : Online Sic Bo). We are also starting to see live games where you are connected to the casino via a webcam and can watch and bet live on the outcome of the dice.

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